Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm watch

I am a computer engineer, and if you have read atleast one other post of mine, you would know I hate it. But five years along the road, and only now I am realizing that technology has been one of my turn ons. And though I hate my job, regret doing an engineering degree, I think i shouldn't let that overshadow my interest in nice-y, cool inanimate concepts and things. Hence this post, and hence a new category to blog about.

I stumbled upon this mighty cool gear, and my wishlist just got a bit longer. And though I don't know why you would want an old android version OS running phone like thing which isn't actually a phone tied to your wrist, I'm watch is awesome.
Can i be a little girlish now and say, "Awww, look at those colors!"?

You can call, email, comment on miserable pictures of your miserable friends (who don't have this cool smartwatch) on FB by connecting it with your smartphone (which you probably bought for the same price as the watch) via bluetooth. And... well, that's it I guess. Oh hey, hang on, it also shows time.

The phone that I have right now is cheaper than the watch and my brain has already come up with 280 reasons* why I should not buy I'm watch. But if any of you secret admirers want to send me a gift, ummm, I think I like the green one.

This is i'm watch's website and they let you preorder

* Reasons 1 ~ 279 : You don't have the money, dang!
   Reason 280 : Your pa is so not giving you money for that.

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