Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Pond Frog?

Hmmm..I was busy exfoliating my head off of real and relevant issues for the last two months so I could dwell uninterrupted on non-existent, useless debris. Even now, there are pointless stuff floating inside my cranium and guess I’m gonna junk it out the blogger way!
Last week, I happened to spend an evening with Surrender, an acquaintance, now in eighth grade. And I know for sure, if I were in my 8th grade now, she’s never gonna be friends with me. It was almost after a year that I was meeting her and she hadn’t changed much. Last year, when I met her, She was devotedly engrossed in her quest of unearthing all possible reviews on The High School Musical movies from the internet knowledge reserve. This time, it was déjà-vu. Well, almost, except that she was now lookin up Twilight – All genre: Movie, Bloopers, Parody, and Lady Gaga, and a page solely attributed to dissect Robert Pattinson and his private life, Dress-me-up Barbie and some five more tabs.
I tried talking to her about her school, friends and stuff and all that I managed to get from her side was a description of some pool party that she’s been to. There wasn’t much to natter coz there wasn’t anything at all. Anything outside the internet and blingy birthday parties was apparently dull and boring.
I just sat there wishing I had all this cutting-edge frivolity when I was a kid. Reflecting on my school era , Man! My bygone lifetime seemed to suck! You can call it a shame if you want but I got my email ID only when I was in ninth grade..and matter-of-fact, it was accidental. Moreover, it had no real use till I got into college. I still remember the night that I spent sleepless because of the uncontrollable excitement I was filled with from seeing one of the most incredible things on Earth – Yahoo Greetings! God, what an idiot!
Sometimes I wonder whether life would be any different if I had been in some other school, lived somewhere else with resources available at want.. If I had had projects to work on instead of having to write “Dictation words” ten times for homework. If I had had a cool teacher with who I could discuss the Bermuda Triangle instead of having to listen to long winded complaints of her arthritis and the daughter-in-law. If I hadn’t have to wait till next Christmas or Easter to buy a couple of Archie comics at a raddiwalla’s, fulfilling my greatest obligation as a patron.. If.. If.. If.. Would it?
Was I then the frog in the small pond that never knew the ways of the stream or the town? I don’t know. But, even so, I don’t think I carry regrets. My time as a kid was fun in its own way.. So what if I didn’t get to go to pool parties? I enjoyed carrying home water pots from across the street. (A tip: Carrying it on your shoulder is more convenient, trust me. I never got the hip-way hang!) I climbed hills barefoot, I helped burn dead snakes, I’ve had four years of experience, being squeezed and squelched in crowded buses on the way to school and back, I ran around with goats, got stamped a couple of times by calves, I was even taught the clandestine knack of holding the ‘poonthudappam’! .. Man, I can think of a truckload of studd things!! Wow!
Guess, I have had more fun as a kid than Surrender could ever imagine.. and umm..No, I’m not trading it.. Not even for a free-for-lifetime broadband internet service. .