Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teary thanks.

I happened to watch Anu Hasan's show on TV today - kannadi. They were talking about people with physical / intellectual disabilities. There were special people on the show- 5 yrs old, 25, 35... physically disabled, hurt in their hearts, abused and mocked at. And yet, they were happy.  I could barely swallow my food. I was drinking as much water I could to keep myself from crying. They sure would have had their tough times. But they didn't go on cribbing about that.

And me? Here I am... complaining... Complaining that my office is 50 metres away from the bus stop and my legs hurt to walk. Complaining that my brain has too much to think about. Complaining that my hair gets messy by the time I reach work. Complaining that my nails grow fast. What the heck, really!

Coming to think of it, I have never been thankful for what I have been given. For the perfectly functioning hands and feet. For the mind that can think, react, rest. For my voice, for my laughter, for my happiness.
 I have only griped. Griped for trifles. Griped for things I don't even care about. Oh, I am so ashamed of myself.

Lord, dear Lord, I am so sorry for being such a jerk.I cannot do anything about the lives of those special people, but I know you can. Help them, and help me be thankful always for making me me. I love you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Springs, fountains and horses.

I am not desperate for a marriage. Not even close. But I wish there was someone to who I could sing "un paarvaiyil or aayiram... " and actually mean the words. I wish there was someone who would write Song of Mr.Perfect over me. Yeah, like the Song of Solomon, but a bit less explicit, perhaps.
Oh I wish there was a wishing well so I could wish all these wishes. *Dear Lord! Did i just write THAT?*

Come on, I am 23, and single, and looking. But maybe I am only allowed to be 23 and single. Maybe the looking part is not meant for me to do. And maybe I should shut up about the whole thing. I mean, my best friends are still single. (That could mean my friends are losers like me, but I shall stick to the point). But they don't go to such desperate depths of blowing their noses on a blogpost about their singletude.

Yeah, so what if most of my college juniors are committed, or the people I've mentally noted as "will never find a guy in this lifetime" are hanging out with Rob Pattinson look alikes? I don't care. Maybe like Chit often tells me, I am a spring shut up.. a fountain sealed. God knows my address and my phone number and if He wants to hear me sing love songs to someone, He himself will send to me the you of Lay my love on you. If God had badly wanted to see my relationship status on Facebook as 'in a relationship', He'd have got me a job with some matrimonial site's web development team, not with this morbid office where I don't like anyone. (The converse of which also holds perfectly true)

So, someday when the prince is supposed to come on his snow white horse, he will. And till then, I am going to shut my mouth, and hold my horses... and maybe not listen to MWS.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


We have an upper room in the house. No, we don't use it for having theological discussions. Our hands are already full with our mundane routine and don't think we can take the time off to nurse some brother's broken rib or something. This upper room of ours is used to dump things that we have never used in life, or things that we have once used in life and never after, or things we have so used we can't use them anymore. Or in technical jargon, junk.

My mom made me clean the room today. There was enough cobweb to weave clothes for a town, really. And there were a few old things there that made me go : "Wow! How hi-fi we've become!". Maybe you'll too.

Food carriers. 1990 B.T. *

Remember those cassette things?? Those tape filled plastic cases that could produce  music?? Yeah, before the  advent of  mp'3.. m4a's.. mp999's..

* B.T. : Before Tupperware.

Did you recently come across anything that sent you 'Blimey!'?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Frivolously yours,

Through more than a year and a half of disgust-filled work, truckloads of cribbing and rock bottom levels of self-confidence, here I am , looking forward to another weekend. Mmmm... the smell of laziness. Awesome.

And before I shut my eyes into 13 straight hours of sleep, let me get to the point.

I am writing this coz coming back from work, I was listening to Switchfoot's Yesterdays. Had been quite long since I'd listened to it. It is still as beautiful as ever. Miss you, gramps...

 If you haven't listened to it yet, check this out

And also, lately I have been finding it very hard to control laughing out loud at work, thanks to
Check that one, too.

Good night, world.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saying “I’ll ask God that when I’m in heaven.” | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff

You gotta check this out. SCL is my most fav blog, and this is one of my most fav topics.

Btw, Guys, 'Pease pudding in the pot, nine days old...' (which was the title of this blog, if you hadn't noticed)  has been rechristened, for various reasons, as 'Shaken, Stirred and Spilled'.
One of those various reasons is that it is tediously long. Okay, I confess, that is the only reason. And I don't know why the new name is what it is now. It just occurred.
 I don't believe you always need to name someone / something to mean something. Like, for instance, I don't believe that Ryan Sidebottom's surname has anything to do with sided bottoms.

PS : No, no, no, I am not going to post martini making tips on this blog. I have never drunk a martini - stirred or shaken. I've just heard those words in Bond movies.  Rest assured, This blog will continue to host nonsense.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frivolously yours,

When I started Frivolously yours, I thought I would be writing twice a week, atleast. Now I notice that this is just the second post and it has been more than a month already. Great pace.

So, right now I am reading this book - Prayer - Asking and Receiving, by John R. Rice. And I highly recommend it. It is very very inspiring. You gotta check it out.

It was this year's Mission Festival Sunday at church. Had a very great time there. Mission Stuff has always been close to my heart. The urge keeps hammering inside the head and heart every single day. But, I don't think I can afford any more arguments with my parents. and so, I am scared it will cease to blare now that I am suppressing it as hard as possible.

Also, it has been sometime since I watched a good movie. Maybe I should squeeze some time off for life.

Monday, July 4, 2011

google+ and @doushichan

This post is dedicated to @doushichan

So, it's 3 days since I joined google+, which means this post is 3 days overdue. I was probably one of the reasons for the 'insane demand' that halted the google+ invitations... You know, butterfly effect and all that.
And maybe because i was seeing a handful of cats the last few days, (Remember those cat - curiosity adages?) I desperately wanted to see what was Googy's new surprise.

So I kept googling realtime results for the invites (at work, of course) and @doushichan tweeted he had invites to anyone who wanted. I promised him I'd write a post on him if he sent me one. He sent me one and here's me keeping my word.

Lo, and behold... the promised post.

Thanks mucho, @doushichan. You will forever be remembered.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Os kitties

My mom loves feeding stray cats and turning the house into a cat shelter. One kitty that she recently added to the fold has delivered babies. There's three of them and I think I'm gonna call them Heathcliff, Snowbell and Minerva in honour of the... namesakes. Ah, no, no Garfield coz I love him too much to name a white / grey cat after him.

So, Here.. If you care.

That'd be Snowbell

And, Minerva and Heathcliff huddled in the corner.

Liza Donnelly: Drawing upon humor for change | Video on

This was something I saw on TED and thought I had to do my part in spreading it around. Yeah, I know I get like 2 hits/week but still... MY PART.

Liza Donnelly: Drawing upon humor for change | Video on