Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Lately, I have been listening to 'Restless' by Jon Foreman. On repeat. For hours together. It is a lovely song and trust me, the song's really very deep. 

Confession : I don't know what it means when they say a song is deep. But they say it all the time when a song is very good and worth listening repeatedly for 3 continuous hours everyday. I am just recycling.

So, it is a very deep song that will come out in the album 'Vice verses' this September. Switchfoot is one of my most favortite bands and they've got that je nei sais quoi that makes them and their songs totally awesome. When we are all in heaven, I think God'll organize switchfoot concerts every full moon, no moon and fourth Sabbath. 

When foreman makes songs, it isn't just with words and music... He makes it with life and soul. It is such a beautiful union when the life and soul of the song meets the life and soul of the listener.
Aha! I have used 'life and soul' three times in 2 sentences. And I feel like a music critic there. Bravo!

So, This is Jon singing 'Restless' with his singer Sister-in-law, Sarah Masen. 
No doubt you'll play it on repeat too.

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