Sunday, February 27, 2011

Switch My Foot!

One of my favorite Switchfoot songs is 'Faust, Midas and myself'. I have caught myself singing the lines "what direction, what direction, What direction now?" from that song like 200 times. (Trust me on the stats). That is an awesome band - Switchfoot. Wiki says that Jon Foreman took the term 'switchfoot' for the band from surfing to mean change and movement in life and music.

Well, change and movement are exactly the very things I want in life right now. Only a post earlier I was griping about how i wanted to do something passionately with all my heart. I am almost 97% set to switch careers. And have tried my parents to get to 20%. But what the switching career will be, I have no idea. My parents aren't happy (at all) with my wanting to work with less privileged people, leaving my "IT job". They think teaching engineering students will be a much worthy profession. But, O my soul, that's not where you lie... Sigh.

I don't know what two months after today is going to be. Que sera sera? Or should I gather the guts to learn to surf. and switch-foot.

Whilst I plunge into confused waters again, watch Switchfoot performing Faust, midas and myself with Spanish subtitles.. (This is the best live I could find on youtube)