Sunday, September 19, 2010

Conscience and an Itchy Foot

One of the worst things you can do on a rainy day is stand in a crowded bus. And it was one such worst thing I was doing a few weeks back coming home from work.

 I was irate, cursing my boss, the rain, the bus and my 'fellow travellers', when someone stepped on my foot, lavishly smothering it with the dirty, squishy mud he had managed to collect in his bare sole. *Wow, did i just write three lines without a period? 'Kewl' me.* Anyway, I wanted to yell at him. It felt so uncomfortable to have a lump of yucky mud on my foot and worse still, it began to itch very bad.I couldn't even move - let alone bend down and scratch!  The bus was too full of people. It got too itchy and all I could do was grind my teeth and mutter under my breath.

 The bus kept moving on and it was quite sometime before I realized it wasn't itchy anymore. I didn't even feel the dirt and suddenly revelation came dawning on me. *Wonder why most of my revelations come during bus travels! =/*

The whole smothering -> itching -> no itching sequence of the foot very much resembled sequences in my conscience. When my conscience is clean and sharp, anything alien itched... pricked. It pricked when I lied. Pricked when I gossiped. Pricked when I hurt God and chose a TV show over Bible reading. But when I don't react to the pricks and leave these muddy lumps be, they stay, and soon make themselves at home. And then my conscience doesn't itch anymore. What once was bad and itchy becomes normal and 'perfectly okay'.

Honestly,  I don't want dirt all over my conscience and not even knowing it. I really pray God would take my soiled conscience, once again, and wipe it clean. Wash it sparkling clean... till He sees Himself in it.