Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let the games begin

Let the games begin
So, Google+ has lit the torch and the games have begun. Has it been there from the morning or yesterday? I only checked now.

Right now my page shows 9 games... including Angry Birds(yoohoo! even though it sucks the non-touch way on PC's) and Zynga Poker. Sure they're thinking of adding much more. I think I recently read something about Google planning on bringing in Sudoku and other games too. And that is it nicer than the way facebook handles game apps. Google+ lets you control your gaming activities separately, in the Games page. That way your stream doesn't get flooded. As if it is now!

I like that. See, organized, minimal, typical Google. That's one reason I always love Google.

Lemme go back and look at my Google+ games page, which I can bet all my money, has no activity right now.  =/

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