Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Teary thanks.

I happened to watch Anu Hasan's show on TV today - kannadi. They were talking about people with physical / intellectual disabilities. There were special people on the show- 5 yrs old, 25, 35... physically disabled, hurt in their hearts, abused and mocked at. And yet, they were happy.  I could barely swallow my food. I was drinking as much water I could to keep myself from crying. They sure would have had their tough times. But they didn't go on cribbing about that.

And me? Here I am... complaining... Complaining that my office is 50 metres away from the bus stop and my legs hurt to walk. Complaining that my brain has too much to think about. Complaining that my hair gets messy by the time I reach work. Complaining that my nails grow fast. What the heck, really!

Coming to think of it, I have never been thankful for what I have been given. For the perfectly functioning hands and feet. For the mind that can think, react, rest. For my voice, for my laughter, for my happiness.
 I have only griped. Griped for trifles. Griped for things I don't even care about. Oh, I am so ashamed of myself.

Lord, dear Lord, I am so sorry for being such a jerk.I cannot do anything about the lives of those special people, but I know you can. Help them, and help me be thankful always for making me me. I love you.

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