Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saying “I’ll ask God that when I’m in heaven.” | Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff

You gotta check this out. SCL is my most fav blog, and this is one of my most fav topics.

Btw, Guys, 'Pease pudding in the pot, nine days old...' (which was the title of this blog, if you hadn't noticed)  has been rechristened, for various reasons, as 'Shaken, Stirred and Spilled'.
One of those various reasons is that it is tediously long. Okay, I confess, that is the only reason. And I don't know why the new name is what it is now. It just occurred.
 I don't believe you always need to name someone / something to mean something. Like, for instance, I don't believe that Ryan Sidebottom's surname has anything to do with sided bottoms.

PS : No, no, no, I am not going to post martini making tips on this blog. I have never drunk a martini - stirred or shaken. I've just heard those words in Bond movies.  Rest assured, This blog will continue to host nonsense.

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