Monday, July 4, 2011

google+ and @doushichan

This post is dedicated to @doushichan

So, it's 3 days since I joined google+, which means this post is 3 days overdue. I was probably one of the reasons for the 'insane demand' that halted the google+ invitations... You know, butterfly effect and all that.
And maybe because i was seeing a handful of cats the last few days, (Remember those cat - curiosity adages?) I desperately wanted to see what was Googy's new surprise.

So I kept googling realtime results for the invites (at work, of course) and @doushichan tweeted he had invites to anyone who wanted. I promised him I'd write a post on him if he sent me one. He sent me one and here's me keeping my word.

Lo, and behold... the promised post.

Thanks mucho, @doushichan. You will forever be remembered.

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