Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frivolously yours,

When I started Frivolously yours, I thought I would be writing twice a week, atleast. Now I notice that this is just the second post and it has been more than a month already. Great pace.

So, right now I am reading this book - Prayer - Asking and Receiving, by John R. Rice. And I highly recommend it. It is very very inspiring. You gotta check it out.

It was this year's Mission Festival Sunday at church. Had a very great time there. Mission Stuff has always been close to my heart. The urge keeps hammering inside the head and heart every single day. But, I don't think I can afford any more arguments with my parents. and so, I am scared it will cease to blare now that I am suppressing it as hard as possible.

Also, it has been sometime since I watched a good movie. Maybe I should squeeze some time off for life.


  1. The stamp on the first page says : D. Benjamin, which means it is not YOURS.


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