Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The familiar place

This is the place we've arrived at many times before. This is where I've brought you to so often that you would almost feel at home now. I'm sorry we're here again. I haven't been anything you could be proud of. Falling apart, running astray, wounding your heart, having my way - I think I've turned pro there.

Lord, We'll move out? I don't want to be in this place anymore. I'm really sorry I brought you here.

I wonder Lord, How could I have possibly failed to see the love that held you on the tree? The love that you had for me?
Though I fail to appreciate the million miles you walk me through, you still choose to walk forever with me. Though I spurn your unconditional love and run after what I want, you still stand by my side.Waiting. Hoping. even Praying.
You admire me so much you have me carved in your palm. You hide me in the cleft of the rock. God, that seriously is ingenious. Wow! And you cover me under the shadow of your wings. That's beautiful. If it were picket fence, I'd hurt my forehead a dozen times in a day. You call out to me and wait to hear my voice. Oh my God, imagine that. And the most amazing of all, you whisper into my ear that I'm your greatest love. I'm thrilled Lord. You make me feel so special. Make me feel beautiful. Make it all, don't know, divine.

Lord, Thank you. Nothing ever, ever could be more beautiful than your Love.

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