Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Godsend!

It was a monotonous week - the same ritual comprising of three phases: Walk to the morning assembly, Go to the department to mark attendance, Crawl back to the hostel and curl up in bed. I was already tiring from this not-much-to-do routine. It made my brain duller and my thoughts sulkier. I couldn't do anything to keep my energy levels from surging to unknown depths. Somebody, Abolish boredom!

Thanks to BeyondMadness's godsend relatives. They had come down to beat the heat in Covai Coutralam and had pulled over to meet BM, donate charitable amounts of chips and extend a much awaited invitation to join them. For courtesy's sake or whatever, we were too quick to nod yes, and then hurried to FoodZone to buy some food packets.

We then harnessed our efforts to wake Bigatha up from her hibernation and got her also into the cab. Off we sneaked toward the Waterfall. O What joy! The sound of monotony shattering!

There were two families and the three of us. We hiked on, stopping at times, to absorb the mystic beauty of nature. I've been there twice before. But each time seemed as beautiful as ever. And this time, it felt even more refreshing because just a few hours back and ages past from there, I was nibbling a very low morale.
We walked and walked, listening to many different sounds in varying decibels. It was a very, very nice feeling - Being surrounded by trees and birds and insects, all forgetting uneventful courses of life and happily swaying or chirping the moment away.

The sound of water flowing ('Gushing' would be exaggerating) down the rocks was spirit-lifting. It reminded me of some characteristic of God but I couldn't figure out which. I was just feeling so overwhelmed for reasons I didn't know. Waters really do something magical, don't they?

BeyondMadness, Bigatha and I found ourselves totally drenched, head to toe, enjoying every drop of water falling on us. It seemed to wash all the dreary feelings off me. After almost 40 minutes of ceaseless fun in the water, we climbed up the rock just above to bask for sometime. It was all nice till people standing below moved over and shot peculiar looks at us. I was wondering if our beauty actually did draw that much attention. Not until some woman asked Bigatha and BeyondMadness to shift aside coz they were blocking the flow. Pity, the people below only saw drops trickling where once was fast falling waters! All hail Biggy and BM. They are powerful enough to change the course of water.Not wanting to embarrass ourselves further, we slid down and left for lunch.

We found a good place nearby and settled with 'Veetu Saapadu' and FoodZone's exclusive red-dyed Chilly Parothas. We lazed there for sometime and chanced to see a big crab. I didn't know crabs thrived in falling waters till then. We started off back, heading toward yet another fortnight of habitual unexcitement, Bigatha and myself relishing sourmangaas lathered in salt and chilly powder... Climbing slowly down the mountain, carrying along memories of serenity and enchantment.

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