Sunday, April 5, 2009

God's 'Love Definition'

It just amazes me - the way God loves. It is all that I Corinth 13 defines.

The beauty of His patience, everytime I try Him beyond any known frontier. The beauty of His kindness, everytime I do something horrible.
He made the heavens and the earth and everything and yet, the way He comes down, waiting to talk to me.. waiting for me to talk to Him.. waiting not minding He's this great king. Makes me feel so special and honored! really.
He never is rude, despite the million times I disobey Him like crazy. He never is angry and this is the most beautiful thing - 'Keeping no record of wrongs' . If I'd have had a log of all my mistakes, all the hurt and pain I've caused, the show-offs of my stupidity, the world would run out of paper, digital databases and any known storage device. But He doesn't even remember one bad thing I've ever done. Not even the heart-breaking thing I just did a minute back. God, What Love!
The way He delights in the truth, when I sit down at His feet, confessing everything to Him. Just as I am. And still, after all this, He protects me. Like the apple of His eye. He even sends bands of angels to keep my foot from hitting a stone. He trusts me totally. Though He fully well knows how easily I can falter, give in to stress, fall apart from even my own principles, He chooses to trust me, believe me, have faith in me.
He perseveres for me. Sometimes, many times actually, when my head gets swollen due to various reasons and I slide back far away from Him, He still understands. He goes out of the way to draw me back to Him. His love never fails. Never. Just like He never fails.

God is Love.

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