Monday, April 20, 2009

Grandmoms and Shoes.

I was of the idea that politics was not this much a kindergarten show. Interesting, Confusing, Disturbing, Dirty, Trying, Hopeless have been some of the adjectives that I've known to precede the word 'Politics', but definitely not 'stupidly annoying'. Atleast not until recently.

Let's talk about some shoes. From when on did 'Soling' become famous? Yeah, Soling as in the sole of a shoe. As far as I know (and I haven't done researches on it yet), The first Political public display of Disaffection, you might say, that became so popular was when that Iraqi Journalist, Muntadar al-Zaidi, flung his shoe at the then US President, George W. Bush during some conference.

Here's news for Indians. Do you seriously think that when parties try to implement Cyber Election Campaigning strategies like they did in the US, there wouldn't be some individual who would try to implement 'Soling'?
Couple of weeks back, a journalist hurled a shoe at Home minister P. Chidambaram, when he was justifying the Tytler issue. And the newest member of the Shoe-Hit community is BJP's Presidential Candidate L.K. Advani. And this time, it was slightly embarassing because it was a party member who soled the Ex-Deputy Prime Minister.
So, what is all this? Some sort of fun game, like 'Who hurls the shoe farthest?' or worse still, 'Which official gets hit the maximum number of times?'. Man, This is just so disgusting.
And just because shoe-throwing was not elegant enough, there's teasing and mockery to go alongwith. Modi calling the Congress an Old Lady, BSP's Akhilesh Das calling Nafisa Ali a grandma, Will this ever stop? Or will these supposed rulers of the country shrink to degenerate forms and start calling each other 'Fatso', 'Shorty', 'Baldy'?

Don't things mature with age? Or has some kind of unknown biological phenomenon erupted inside the heads of homo sapiens without anybody knowing it? Or is it just a syndrome that affects people in politics and to an extent, journalists? And why am I even bothered!!

Somebody, answer me. Or teach those bunch of people some sense.

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