Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thaaru Maaru Daaru Daaru

That's Phineas's catchphrase. Catchphrase? Phineas? That?? Exactly. My latest addiction - Phineas and Ferb in Tamil, and honestly, I love it. The original P&F is awesome, needless to say, and I adore it. But the Tamil version's got me ROFL everyday!! really.

The Tamil dubbing is simply superb. Phineas' language is like our very own school kids' - the slang, the accent, the delicate jargon. You got to watch it! Thaaru maaru, daaru daaru... Hei Ferb, naama inniku enna panna poromnu mudivu pannittaen..Hey, Perry engae?? Those are just a few picks. Ferb's pearls of wisdom have the panache that only superstars like Rajnikaanth and Vijaykaanth share - Nalla vaayam mudipaan, naara vaayan keduppan.. Kadham kadham.

Probably Ashley Tisdale from Aminjikarai gives Candace her voice. and it is absolutely hilarious. Candace uses posh terms like Gujilipa, bujji-kutti... Man, Jeremy, are you in a stroke of luck or what!

The highlight of the entire show is Heinz Doof. He has this heavy, interior-south accent and you cannot stop laughing once he starts talking. The dubbing is so cool he even says 'Feeter thee panda' for 'Peter, the panda'. yes, Feeter, with an 'f'. and yes, thee with two e's. The way he calls Perry - Perrrrrry, the plaaaatiipus. God, this is side-splitting material.

I can never tire of P&F - the Tamil version. It is fabulous. You gotta watch it. YOU GOT TO! Disney XD, 1930 hours, everyday.

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