Monday, May 31, 2010

ProMo - The Proposal Moment.

Someday my prince will come. But not the way his kinfolk have done before for those scores of half-dead-choking-over-a-poisoned-apple or hibernating-from-a-needle-prick princesses. Nah, I don't want it that way coz, it is boring... and coz I'm no princess. :( :( :( Maybe the love-wedding-marriage proposal at first sight by a total stranger on a horse is utopian for trapped-in-a-tall-tower Rapunzel. But for a short haired girl like me, which, by the way, is the only dissimilarity between me and princesses from long long ago, it isn't all that exciting.

Okay, honestly, I want my "Proposal Moment" (ProMo, from now on) to be romantic and "LOVE"ly. What does it even matter without love, come on! So, let's assume one Mr.Perfect and I start out as friends and gradually figure out we could actually get to be a perfect couple. Yay!
[IMPORTANT : Hi Reader, If you are male, and okay-looking with a good sense of humor, a little bit of intelligence and prefer the beauty of the heart to that of the face, I am single. The above was just an assumption.]

So, there sure is going to be a moment when my Mr.Perfect reveals that pretty ring, takes both my hand and me by surprise, looks into my eyes and says - I love you. Will you marry me? and I would probably blush and definitely nod, nod, nod, nod.

Oh man, how beautiful. But, er, I don't really want the same old ring-in-the-champagne-glass setting. Here are three backdrop suggestions for a perfect ProMo. For MY perfect ProMo.

Presumption 1: BM's getting married to a Canadian. We (Mr. Perfect and I) are in North Canada for the wedding. Mr. Perfect, as he is a great friend, had offered to come along. Two is company.
ProMo 1: A quiet evening, a long walk. Maaaan!! The Northern Lights!!! And as it gets Aurora-Borealic, Mr. Perfect instantiates the ProMo! * God, I would die from an outburst of joy.*

Presumption 2: My parents set my curfew at 10 at night for just that day. and I am also allowed to go to the nearby beach with a male friend - Mr. Perfect.
ProMo 2: Dim moonlight. Deserted beach. Racing along the waters and stopping to catch our breaths - an unsuspecting moment and ProMo!

Presumption 3: It's my birthday. Dinner with Mr. Perfect and a free ride back home. Nice weather, slightly cold.
ProMo 3: Me: Thanks for dropping, ---------. (to be filled with Mr. Perfect's                       real name) .
                 Mr. P: Happy Birthday. :)
                 Me: Thanks. Good night. :)
                 Mr. P: Good night. And hey, there's something...

                                  ProMo!!!..... at my doorstep!!!

Well, that makes my top-three sweep-me-off-my-feet proposal suggestions. And I am keeping my fingers crossed.

OKAY, I KNOW, I KNOW. Get real!!

My "knight in shining armor" will come home riding with his obese mother, balding father, dumb-show-off brother and stuck-up sister in an auto. Obese mother will keep whispering to the moustache-has-more-hair-than-the-head father throughout the whole event. Stupid bro and snobbish sister will throw disgusting looks at me - hell, yeah, I will be wearing one of my mom's saris and probably cursing the concept of arranged marriages. Possible Mr. Perfect (who is so not my Mr. Perfect from the dreams :( ;( ) will be aimlessly looking either at the cobwebs in the ceiling or the lizard litter near the fridge.

Obese mother, to my mom: We like your daughter. yada.. yada..yada... Can we announce it in the church, then?

My mom, to obese mother: Oh, we are sooo glad!!!

*Sound of explosion. Ah, yeah, my heart*

So, the ultimate ProMo of my life:

   Soon-to-be-Mr.Perfect's obese mother just did... to my mom.

                        HOW SO ROMANTIC!!! SNIFF. SNIFF. 


  1. The north canada plan isn't gonna work out shar.. None of your inbred 'friends' are invited to my wedding. Period.

  2. Bets, plz - I love the northern lights thing. You don't have to pay for his flights. He'd probably be rich... Just one more biryani plate, what's d big deal? Please?

  3. no hun. and i'm not sure if i blv in the whole friends to lovers transformation. kinda yucky right?

  4. Nah... Love at first sight doesn't really work. for us. I mean, wat's there wid us for a first sight enchantment?? =/ . Only hope - friends who have the guts to take a step further.


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