Monday, November 7, 2011

Back To Bloglam

Whoa, it has been a long hiatus. No, it was not planned. Not writer’s block, no. I am not even half a writer. A powerful combination of unbelievable dreadlines + lazinesss + an overlaod of reality kept me from writing. From even thinking sane things.
Okay, let’s leave the past behind and focus on the thing at hand namely, I am back. But without any essential life theories at the moment. So, I shall resort to my strong suit. I give you, Rants on Reality.
My office has shifted temporarily to an even farther place. I take the ECR to work. You know, the East Coast Road , that overlooks the beautiful sea. Just traveling one way is enough to take your breath away! (Okay, the actual sentence should be : I take a crowded bus that takes the ECR. And I am left breathless because atleast 2 tobacco chewing women smother their bosoms all over my face for the entire journey due to lack of moving space in the bus)
Anyway, my new place sucks worse than the old. My boss now sits right behind me and shoulder surfs my monitor like once every 3.8 minutes. This evil ritual he performs has bound me from doing fun things a.k.a non-work-related things on the computer.
And I continue to hate work. New place, new commute route, new washroom – nothing seems to change my loathing toward work.
Outside of that, it has been raining like crazy for the last 10 days. Which means dirtier buses, dirtier roads, dirtier toenails. No, there aren’t any sidewalks in Tamil Nadu and no, i don’t wear gumboots to work either.
Well, life is very much the same… except that I have clean toenails when it is not raining. Oh, and my birthday is coming up!! \0/ … Totally pumped!! Woohoo!! Or, maybe not.
Do birthdays really matter when you are turning 24? and are still single? and have hands wrinklier than your grandmama’s?

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