Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Singletude Sorrows

Chit is 44 (And trust me, She hardly looks half her 44 years). I am 23. We both can make a cover version of 'Y-O-U-N-G, F-R-Double E and and and single'. The one big difference between Chit and me is that she is the happiest single woman I have met in life, while I probably am the most griping single woman ever.

Chit never longs for Prince Charming to come galloping on a pink unicorn nor does she listen to Crying over you on repeat. When I ask her how she manages a balanced, non-whining single life, she says it's grace. Oh, no, no way. Chit doesn't Jesus juke. Ever. She has an awesome relationship with God and is almost half as sarcastically humorous as He. So that's absolutely no juke and she fully means it to be true and real.

I on the other hand, kick and scream and complain and sulk about my singletude. (Somebody appreciate my word building skills). I am tired of being single. I tell myself it is time I made the transition from Stuck on you to Gone on my playlist and perhaps choke on some apple and wait to hear horse hooves.

Or should I wait for an old lost love? Everytime I bring up Bruce in a conversation, BeyondMadness quotes Prov 26 : 11 - As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.  Maybe she is right, as always. Maybe in the process of clinging to the 'True love perseveres' principle, I am actually returning to vomit (Margin Notes: I pray I never have to write that inside **... EW!). Bruce is under the spell of the wicked witch of the north, and will probably take forever and a day to come back to right senses and me.

In other news, my parents and many relatives I had no idea existed before have concluded that I am of 'marriageable age' now. And that I need to marry ASAP and produce kids before I am 27 or my kids will all have Down's Syndrome! I mean, What on Earth!!

I don't want to marry now, people!! I want to be in love, not marriage! I don't wear eternity on my sleeve and so like all my sane friends advise, guess I need to leave the life and times of Bruce behind and live my own. But, live my own how? I can't seem to find anyone I could 'grow old with'! All those boat loads of love songs there and not a guy to sing one to me? All the people out there whose relationship status is committed and mine is still single? My Pa recharges my phone credit like once or twice a month... All my friends who have boyfriends get theirs recharged once every week... by their guys!

Maybe God hasn't given me the grace to pull through this singletude phase like He gave Chit? Well, God, if so... can you send a guy instead of grace?

P.S. :  Yet not my will, but Thine.

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  1. usually guys say "oru figre kooda set aagala machi" wow! first time hearing from a lady..
    u could hv been admirable to someone, but so strange!
    anyway happy singletude:-)


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