Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Never Alone

Disclaimer: Well, this may be a boring entry, but then this is a 'baseless rant'. What more can one expect!

I haven't replied 'alone'  to a 'How are you?' question in all these years ... Though I have been. Right in the midst of a swelling crowd... of friendly laughter and fun. You play the cheerful part... and desperately try to mingle, forcing an empty smile. You don't want your friends to know. You don't even want to feel it for yourself. But deep down, you can't keep from thinking that the one person you know to stand by you no matter what, seems to be far. Nowhere near.

He's just not around. You can't even cry out to anyone; He's the one you've been crying to all this long. No one else knows you better than Him. And you wonder if He just did leave you... Alone...

Maybe I'm wrong... Maybe I just failed to see. Failed to do what He asked me to - Believe.

I've loved this song from BarlowGirl - Never Alone. Just a reminder that no matter how far He might 'seem' from me, I am never alone.


  1. Heya Shar, didn't even know about your blog till i read your comment on mine, lol.

    Went thru it, loved your style ..And absolutely dug 'ProMo' :D

  2. Oh My God, akka!! Tell you wat, I almost jumped seeing your comment. I love, loVE, LOVE your blog... am just so excited you liked mine :P


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