Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inhale.. exhale.. Inhale.. exhale.. Screeeaam!

(Somewhere around 16:30)
Okay, this is the first time I am writing without thinking about what to write. Or should it be this is one of the many times I am writing without thinking about what to write?
Okay, whatever... But the thing is, right now, someone has come home to see us. see ME! Oh I am freaking out! They have come over to assess if I am suitable to marry their nephew.. Oh Lord! Phew..   Okay, i am overhearing - fine, eavesdropping - from my room.
They are in the hall.  Phoo.. Phhoo (That is yours sincerely breathing hard )
They called me before I could publish the entry above and now I am back, after serving bondas, coffee and looking stupid. No I am not writing down first impressions here.  Errr.. I am still freaking out and feeling infinitely stupid.
Post-publishing/publishment Note : Is there any point at all in this post?

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