Sunday, December 26, 2010

As much as we...

I remember reading a tweet by Joel Houston sometime back. "i hope people enjoy listening to this album as much as we're enjoying the process of making it..." (!/joelhouston/status/25397624913). 
Reading it and for days after, I was wondering if I could ever, ever in my life say something like that. Can I, in those droning client calls, tell the folks on the other end, "Hope you enjoy using the software as much as we enjoyed making this"? Sigh.

Okay, my work is interesting and all that. But it isn't something I enjoy. I don't wake up thinking how great the day's coding is going to be. I like my work, for say, five - six hours a day. [like as in 'I like eating idlis coz mom's away, I am verrry hungry and that's all grandma made for breakfast']. That's about it. Not a minute more. But then, aren't we supposed to be passionate about what we do? Isn't work supposed to bring out the best in us?

I really want to say something along the lines of Houston. But I know I probably wouldn't as long as i am writing lines of codes for some Jap, or any national for that matter. My heart does not belong with computers and codes and algorithms. It belongs with people, with music... not digits. I want to work with my heart in it.. not just the head. I wanna be there, teaching kids to read, write and draw... I wanna be there, backstage, putting the microphones in their boxes, untangling coiled cables, dancing when the band's performing...

Well, maybe someday, Whatever my hand finds to do, I will do with all my might... coz 'whatever' my hand finds to do will be what I really love to do. Maybe someday, I can use the phrase 'As much as we...' not just as a blog entry title.


  1. If you are brave enough, you can always quit and try your hand at something u like. Better do the transition now than after 10 yrs of doing something u don like. Just saying :)

  2. Yeah akka... I know.. But then, my parents think i'm just crazy coming up with such "passionate" plans for life!


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