Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mera Bharat Mahan

Sigh. A deep breath after the arduous elections. Do I sound too much like I was out there organizing all the proceedings? Sorry for over-reacting. But Hey, I was religiously following them. All the pre-poll analyses, the talk shows, surveys and stats. I don’t know why but I felt very much like the nation was about to make a crucial decision that would change my entire life! It was kind of addictive, following the election assay. And I should admit, I felt sweet relief wash over after the results were out. Mera Bharat Mahan!

I know it is too late to be writing about all this now, but watching the first round of swearing-in stirred up many thoughts that once hammered my head and gradually rested in peace. Some kind of pride swelled up inside my chest, watching the ceremony. The members who will make up the cabinet, the band, the anthem, the feel of administration and governance – I wanted to be there, watch it straight as it happens.

Drifting away in the solemnity of the Rashtrapathi bhavan, I remembered a couple of incidents that made me feel kinda resentful on the inside. Some incidents that happened sometime back..Gestures made by some “icons”, upto who we are influenced to look for things like choosing a soft drink brand, eating eggs, trying hair gel, getting cellular connections, what not ?
But do these “stars” fail to realize that the influence carries even outside the television screen?

When the Padma Shri awards were given away this year, Pity Bajra-Boy, Captain couldn’t make it to the ceremony ‘coz they had other commitments. A ceremony that perhaps they thought the President, the Prime Minister and other governors were too jobless to attend? Isn’t it an honor that most citizens would kill for? Adorable!

And yeah, even during the elections. Here is the government, trying to make it dawn on the people that voting is the right and responsibility of every citizen and there are our role-models sitting in the dug outs busily engrossed in cheering their teammates in South Africa..and Kayaking and Fishing. Wow!!

I really did not know what to think. It is kind of hard but I was just hoping people we look up to spend some time using their brains for better purposes like thinking and act a bit more responsible. Sigh. A deep breath again.

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